Saturday, 7 December 2013

Owl of a Time

About a month ago Hannah went to a party which was held in a studio, she got to paint a pot and Hannah choose a unicorn.  She really enjoyed herself.

So when hubby said he was going to his theatre writing group i knew exactly what i was going to do with Hannah, A few days before i phoned up the studio and booked us in, it was going to be a surprise for Hannah.

The weekend came and we set out for time had a nice cuppa together before waving of hubby off , now came the time to let the cat out of the bag.

Hannah couldn't believe it she was so excited, we had agreed before hand how much we would spend on our pots, £10 each should be good.

We arrived at the studio and it took a few mins for us to decide what we was going to paint, as there was a wide range, in the end we choose to paint a owl plate each.

Then it was time to start painting, it was so nice just us to sat there chatting away about everything from swimming to school.

Hannah finished her first.

This is mine 

While i was paying Hannah had a good look around at all the other pots that still needed to be painted, when she saw a hedgehog money box which she wants to do next time we go.

So you guessed it I've already booked us in :)

We had to leave our plates at the shop so they could be glazed, the other day i picked them up while Hannah was at school, this is how they look now.



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Friday, 15 November 2013


The other week my neighbour asked if we wanted a cat I had to say no as I'm allergic to them my eyes flare up like golf balls and become red and very sore

So my neighbour took in both stray cats

Then one day Hannah opened our door to go out and play when one of their cats just walked straight into the house and decided that I was going to be his main target for affection he just jumped on my knee

How could I refuse to stroke him he just wouldn't leave me alone he then moved onto hubby so fearing my eyes would flare up I washed my hands

After 30 mins he went back home this happened again and again he was spending so much time at our house that we brought him a bowl and a box of kitten biscuits 

My eyes didn't flare up once so 2 days later he became our cat sometimes we even get his brother in from next door and they chase each other round the house 

They say that cats choose their owners... well i guess this is true 

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Monday, 4 November 2013

Blood bath

Now Hannah's had 2 wobbly teeth for a while now and we were trying to guess which one would come out first

So like any other Tuesday we set out for swimming club everything was going well 45 mins in and they were all getting out to start practicing their diving which happens to be one of Hannah's favorite thing about swim club. She climbs out the pool and starts walking down the end of the pool when suddenly her hand goes to her mouth, she looks back at us and starts walking back to us "my tooth has fall out " and there in her hand was a tiny tooth which i gave Mr A to keep safe.  I go off and grab some loo roll to try and stem the blooding.

She was still eager to finish the hour so off she toddles to the diving end of the pool but her mouth was still bleeding so walks back and tells us that "she wants to stop or she might turn the swimming pool into a blood bath"

After getting her dressed she was still eager to watch but they were getting out and it was time to go home all she said was that she wished her tooth had come out at school so she could do her diving

That night the tooth-fairy came but there was a note saying that she didn't want the tooth-fairy to take her tooth as she would miss it unfortunately the tooth-fairy had a job to do and quickly took the tooth and left behind a nice shiny coin in it's place

Sunday, 27 October 2013

let's be friends

last night Hannah said i wish we could be friends this is how the conversation went

Hannah: I wish we could be friends

Me: we can always be friends

Hannah: But friends don't live together

Me: well that's OK it doesn't matter

Hannah: Why don't you go live with your dad then we can be friends

Me: shocked and now laughing said we can still be friends but i have to live here

she never fails to make us laugh at the things she comes out with

Friday, 25 October 2013

afternoons stroll

This afternoon we went for a stroll around a lake where we live here are some of the photo's i took while we where there

can't go for a walk without first a stick it even came home with us

splashing in puddles is a must

This is the lake we walked around 

wonder where this path leads us 

This is where the fun is to be had 

It was a really nice walk