Monday, 4 November 2013

Blood bath

Now Hannah's had 2 wobbly teeth for a while now and we were trying to guess which one would come out first

So like any other Tuesday we set out for swimming club everything was going well 45 mins in and they were all getting out to start practicing their diving which happens to be one of Hannah's favorite thing about swim club. She climbs out the pool and starts walking down the end of the pool when suddenly her hand goes to her mouth, she looks back at us and starts walking back to us "my tooth has fall out " and there in her hand was a tiny tooth which i gave Mr A to keep safe.  I go off and grab some loo roll to try and stem the blooding.

She was still eager to finish the hour so off she toddles to the diving end of the pool but her mouth was still bleeding so walks back and tells us that "she wants to stop or she might turn the swimming pool into a blood bath"

After getting her dressed she was still eager to watch but they were getting out and it was time to go home all she said was that she wished her tooth had come out at school so she could do her diving

That night the tooth-fairy came but there was a note saying that she didn't want the tooth-fairy to take her tooth as she would miss it unfortunately the tooth-fairy had a job to do and quickly took the tooth and left behind a nice shiny coin in it's place


  1. awww Lisa, what a lovely post its such a epic stage in growing up!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  2. So cute of her wanting to continue the diving, although gruesome thinking of blood baths! Lovely moment to remember #MagicMoments

    1. Thank you sometimes she amazes me with what she comes out with x

  3. Hopefully the tooth fairy cheered her up with the coin after missing out on her diving!

  4. Of all the places for the tooth to fall out! Those first wobbly teeth and the subsequent visits from the tooth fairy are such a huge milestone. I bet she feels like a proper little grown up now.

  5. Love the idea of turning the swimming pool into a bloodbath. My son had one fall out on the rugby pitch (nothing to do with the rugby either).