Friday, 15 November 2013


The other week my neighbour asked if we wanted a cat I had to say no as I'm allergic to them my eyes flare up like golf balls and become red and very sore

So my neighbour took in both stray cats

Then one day Hannah opened our door to go out and play when one of their cats just walked straight into the house and decided that I was going to be his main target for affection he just jumped on my knee

How could I refuse to stroke him he just wouldn't leave me alone he then moved onto hubby so fearing my eyes would flare up I washed my hands

After 30 mins he went back home this happened again and again he was spending so much time at our house that we brought him a bowl and a box of kitten biscuits 

My eyes didn't flare up once so 2 days later he became our cat sometimes we even get his brother in from next door and they chase each other round the house 

They say that cats choose their owners... well i guess this is true 

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  1. Vety cute kitten! We had a kitten but unfortunately I was allergic to her and she had to go and live with our friends xx

  2. I think i'm allergic to cats too. It's a cute kitty I must admit

    Came over from #PoCoLo

  3. What a lovely story. I wonder if it is possible to grow out of having a cat allergy, how strange that you haven't had any symptoms.